(Closed) Just a Vent…. My buddy’s sex offender boyfriend.

(Closed) Just a Vent…. My buddy’s sex offender boyfriend.

Another thread that pointed out sex offenders got me personally contemplating certainly one of my friends that are good is dating an intercourse offender for 4 years now.

She actually isn’t that delighted that she is dating him with him because he’s just not that great of a boyfriend, but I just can not get over. He was met by her while he had been on work launch from prison. Meaning he could only keep to go to work. She talked about in my opinion which he ended up being an offender that was a red banner clearly. Then, she talked about which he smacked her ass at the job that has been another warning sign. After all, the guy’s in prison for intimate offense and he’s in the office smacking their colleagues bums?

I assume they flirted around a many more and a couple weeks after that they began dating.

We shared with her my emotions in regards to the entire situation, but she’s the sort that likes to help people over come their dilemmas and provides everybody a 2nd opportunity.

To be honest, he shared with her that the good explanation he had been in prison is basically because he smacked some girls regarding the ass. Ummmmmmm……. NOPE!!

He was charged with indecent aggravated assaul. Tier 3. (I seemed it up) the meaning is “ an individual who partcipates in penetration, nevertheless small, regarding the genitals or rectum of the complainant with an integral part of the person’s human anatomy for almost any purpose…. Continue reading “(Closed) Just a Vent…. My buddy’s sex offender boyfriend.”