Guidelines of Texting Etiquette for Gay Guys

Guidelines of Texting Etiquette for Gay Guys

Because evidently we still don’t have this down.

It’s 2019. Texting happens to be a mainstream thing for more than ten years. We have to understand the guidelines chances are (and yes you can find cast in stone guidelines of texting). But my homosexual (male) buddies and possible boyfriends (should they also acknowledge we occur) nevertheless don’t appear to “get” how exactly to text.

Therefore I’m laying along the law, forever. Listed here are 18 rules of texting etiquette homosexual and bisexual males should understand!

1. Utilize exclamation markings!

These are generally your absolute best buddies! Utilize them!! Literally does not also make a difference just exactly what you’re saying, you still utilize them. There’s real research to help this. In 2015, an article was published by the Washington Post en titled, “Study verifies that closing texts with an interval is sex chatrooms terrible. ” Quoting from that article, “Researchers, led by Binghamton University’s Celia Klin, report that texting closing with a period of time are perceived as being less honest, most likely as the social people giving them are heartless. ” So STOP IT! Continue reading “Guidelines of Texting Etiquette for Gay Guys”